Anant Gopal Deshpande Ex Deputy General Manager,Finance Department,NTPC Ltd. (Member)

I read all the material of this new NGO. We all are surrounded by a lot of people whose basic needs of life are not fulfilled because of poverty. This group of professionals in their respective fields have taken initiative to give a helping hand to such deprived class of our society. They have a very great object of social service to the humanity irrespective of cast and creed. It may be food, shelter, education, medical facility and even the last rites to be performed. With this pious goal in mind the efforts of these volunteers of course are just like that of the little squirrel who helped Shriramji in building the Ram Setu. They surely have created a very positive atmosphere in and around such locations and it will surely go a long way with the determination and enthusiasm of all of them.

Let us also participate in their effort for this just cause.

My best wishes to all of them.