In the era of development, the forest is cut and industries are set. Development is necessary but a healthy environment is also indeed. People are civilized but still when its time to throw garbage they aren't using dustbins even they aren't using the toilet. There are only two reasons behind turning India into an unhygienic country.
lack of awareness:
There is a lack of awareness regarding the use of dustbins and public toilets. Education gives birth to a healthy and hygienic mind but due to the poor literacy rate end number of people are dying or suffering from fatal diseases which are caused only by throwing garbages here and there, pooping on the fields. We want to teach them the benefits of using dustbins while throwing garbages and using toilets and maintain hygiene and stay healthy.
lack of public toilets and dustins:
The population is growing very rapidly in India. There are not sufficient toilets and dustbins in India. we want to install as many as possible dustbins and toilets for making a healthy and hygienic India. Your little contribution can save many life and give birth to green & healthy India.